Canal ROC

A documentary with surrealistic scenes about the future dreams of students from ROC Eindhoven (the regional development center). They were asked how their future dreams relate to their present situation. A road movie in which five ROC students travel to Italy in a van. Five different characters, with different ambitions, enter into a dialogue during the trip about what they find essential in life: their personal histories and their doubts, relationships and dreams for the future. All this against the changing setting of the road: gas stations, supermarkets and a mountain landscape.

Martin Riebeek
Inge Riebeek
Frederik Duerinck
Rieks Soepenberg
Esgo Klein

Asher Lev Bachrach
Jorge van de Meijdenberg
Jolijn Bruijnaars
Richard van den Broek
Rafke Slager
Anja Muller

Anne Parlevliet

Laura Schippers