The Entrance of the King

The film is based on the first community art project in the Netherlands, by Stien Eelsingh: a mural, painted by preschoolers, of a parade with a king and a queen riding in a carriage, a hare, a dog, a horse and a girl. In the movie, the girl dreams of leaving for the big city to expand her horizons and meet her dream prince.

Interviews with residents revealed that very few people leave the neighborhood and that the solidarity there is great, as is the number of dogs. Children can no longer play in the street and the neighborhood is home to some special species of bird. The neighborhood residents are actors in the film.

Martin & Inge Riebeek

Martin Riebeek
Frederik Duerinck

Inge Riebeek
Bas de Leijer
Jeroen Janssen