Red White, Red White, Pink Go!

The filming of a historical parade.
On the 31st of August 2008 we organised a parade to honour De Ploeg (the Plow; a weaver mill). The parade enacts the course of the success of De Ploeg until its downfall (the Bolshevik cemetery). But also the hope for a new future.

The parade consisted of:
- Two children, dressed as a donkey and a lion
- Mayor van de Vondervoort, Bergeijk
- Ballet dancers
- A diva in a convertible
- The Royal Brass Band and percussion group Echo der Kempen
- A standard bearer carrying the flag of De Ploeg.

The parade leads from the mill to the so-called Bolschevik cemetery on Schietbergdreef. (This is were the first employees of De Ploeg were burried, because they weren’t welcome on the old cemetery) At the end of the parade the donkey and lion throw off their skins and change into cheerleaders.



Marieke van Schijndel
Edwin van Onna

Martin & Inge Riebeek

Frederik Duerinck

Bas de Leijer
Femke Tiekstra
Marijke de Bie
Aram Voermans
Inge Riebeek
Martin Riebeek