SENNA: Queen of the Countryside

People have come to live in Vathorst and are starting on a new period in their lives. We wanted to capture this beginning on film. We asked people about their sense of ‘home’. What do they expect, what are their dreams?

Senna travels from the country to the city centre of Vathorst on a zebra. This surreal heroine will travel through the unknown, accompanied by the Mayor of Amersfoort, a local band, dancers, one or two recognizable representatives of Vathorst and/or the ICOON and other characteristic persons from Amersfoort.

Senna: Femke Hoefsloten
Zebra: Kovan
Major: Lucas Bolsius
Horse and goat: Lisa en Renee
Diva in jeep: Mirjam Barendrecht
Hunter: Giel van der Vlies
White bear: Steijn
Bellydancer: Esther Slegh
Lady on red ball: Marjolein Wagter
Vane delirium: Peter Vos
Suited man: Aat Pedersen, Floris Hartgers, Berthold Eshuis
Music association: Juliana en Bernard

Bas de Leijer
Rieks Soepenberg
Frederik Duerinck
Gideon de Smet