The Essential: Fries Museum

Frijheid kinst hawwe, mar it is better om it te fielen (You can have freedom, but it’s better to feel free) & Art doesn’t earn Money, Art only burns Money.

In this exhibition we portray people living in Friesland, a Dutch province with her own language and a strong regional identity. What is essential to the people of Friesland? Freedom (‘frijheid’ in the Friesian language) and community (‘mienskip’) are important elements in their answers. And always a sense of anarchy.

The second international film in the exhibition focuses on the role of money in people’s lives. The girl Man wanted to become a dancer. But her mom told her: "Dancing is only for the rich, not for poor people like us. Art doesn't earn money, art only burns money.”

Tobias Mathijsen

Kie Ellens

Fries Museum
Wilhelminaplein 92