Creature versus Creature

Multimedia installation in the exhibition 'DuoDenken'.

The film is a remake of a classic movie in the fifties of the twentieth century; "Creature from the black Lagoon". Both the films are shown synchronously. A captain and a woman make a dreamy sunset cruise through the Biesbosch. During the journey, the captain and the woman talk about their relationship and the future. As they arrive at an idyllic spot, the woman dives into the water to swim. The captain makes two cocktails, but the woman does not return.

Curated by:
Wim van der beek


Aafke Kloppenburg: woman
René Hornman: monster
Jeroen Doorenweerd: captain

Concept, direction, montage: Inge Riebeek
Co-direction and camera: Tobias Mathijsen
Camera: Bas de Leijer
Text: Nick J. Swarth
Suit design: Wobine Bosch
Makeup: Sandra van Uffelen
Assistent sound: Laura Schipper