De Pont - The Essential

People from around the world will be featured in video potraits, sharing with the audience what’s essential in their lives. This could be a story that’s made a lasting impression on them ... somebody who is essential in their lives … an event that might have shaped them irrevocably...what they really long most for. We want to make a documentary of someone's life in a one-minute take."

Rebecca Nelemans, De Pont:
It's moving to see just how open those being interviewed are in front of the camera. Especially when you consider the fact that they've met Martin or Inge simply by chance out on the street, and that this encounter never lasted more than a few hours, including perhaps four or five takes. People tell the Riebeeks stories that they normally tell only to very close friends, and sometimes not even to them. The selection, made by Inge and Martin on returning from their travels, provides us with a glimpse of the other and of what is essential to him or her.

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